Meet Painter, Raul Aparicio Reyes

DATE OF BIRTH: 31 -01 - 1935



School of Arts (Painting and Sculpture) and Advertising. "The Esmeralda” Mexico D.F.

Many of us who live in, or visit Akumal maybe be familiar with this great artist and not even know it. He is Nayeli Aparicio's father, his work can be found in MexicArte shop, the pink store at the Akumal arch. Raul started his work during his childhood, he was always with a pencil and sheet of paper, scribbling everything that he passed on his way. His talents showed through at a very early age, his primary teachers would request Raul to draw on the blackboard anything that was needed.

By high school, his time was spent drawing sketches of family and friends. This was done either like a portrait or a cartoon, much to the joy of some yet the annoyance of others.

In Raul´s younger years he moves to the beautiful colonial city of Morelia in Michoacán, where he opened the first art gallery in the city´s down town district. There he exhibits and sold his work, with a good response from the community.

Over the years, Raul's work has been on exhibit extensively throughout Mexico and the United States. Below is a list of Individual and group exhibits:
1960 Galería de Artes Plásticas Guadalajara
1961 Galería Jardín del Arte,
1964 Casa de la Cultura Jalisciense
1965 Instituto Cultural Mexico Norteamericano.
1966 Museo Regional  de Morelia Michoacan
1967 Fundador de Galería de Arte "APARICCI "
1968 I.M.S.S.Morelia Michoacan
1969 Casa de la Cultura Michoacana, Morelia Michoacan
1971 Galería de Artes Plásticas 1973 Casa de la Cultura Jalisciense
1975 Pinacoteca del Centro de Las Artes, Monterey Nuevo Leon
1977 Galería 10/10 Mexico D.F.
1979 Galeria Arte de La Torre de Comermex. Mexico D.F.
1982 Bienal Diego RIvera . Guanajuato Guanajuato. Mexico
1984 Arte Reyes Contemporany Art. S.Antonio Texas
1987 Instituto Cultural Hospicio Cabañas
1989 Club de Industriales
1991  Museo de Las Artes ( Gabriel Flores )
1993 Hotel Hyatt
1995 Galeria Pacifico Puerto Vallarta. Jalisco Mexico
1997 Centro Cultural " JUAN RULFO "Sayula, Jalisco, Mexico
1999 Casa Museo Lopez Portillo
2000 Galeria Hacienda San Javier
2002 Hotel Fiesta Americana
2003 Galeria LUNATIKA Tapalpa Jalisco
2005 Galeria del Bosque.
2007 MEXICARTE Akumal Q. Roo Mexico   

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