Mexico's First Public Beach for Disabled

by Lisa Love Juliot (June 2013)

Welcome to the most innovative beach in Mexico! Playa del Carmen is proud to host the very FIRST beach designed for the physically disabled in all of Mexico. This public beach, funded by the local government of Playa del Carmen together with other government social service agencies of Mexico, is located in the very heart of the tourist center of Playa del Carmen, in front of Parque Fundadores just below the arch of the new landmark statue "Portal 2012" and near the ferry dock for the tropical island of Cozumel.

playa del carmen's beach for the disabled

This visionary project offers shade, showers, drinking water, assistance and special amphibious apparatus for those who require additional help to enjoy the warm tropical water of the Caribbean sea and the powdery white sand of the Riviera Maya.

playa del carmen's beach for the disabled

One of the convenience amenities that have been installed is a long, stable boardwalk for easy access to the water's edge. This boardwalk makes it possible for those in wheelchairs, or who use crutches or canes, need extra assistance or for those who have difficulty walking through the sand, to make it safely to the water.

A wide shower area is designed to give extra room to maneuver equipment or space for attendants if needed.

This modern public beach hopefully will set the bar for the rest of the beaches in Mexico and the rest of the world, opening the beaches up to enjoyment by everyone regardless of physical ability. Playa del Carmen with its open-minded, accepting, cosmopolitan atmosphere is the perfect place to initiate this new movement for the future of public beaches everywhere. The amphibious chairs, loungers and walkers are available for use free of charge and assistance is available by request.

playa del carmen's beach for the disabled

The amphibious wheelchair has a unique design that makes it easy to handle for the end user and assistants. Some of its innovative features are:

  • Ergonomic frame for better accessibility and a flip-top footrest
  • Armrests designed with integrated straps for stability
  • Traction/steering bar with ergonomic design for easy maneuvering
  • Large-diameter air-filled tires able to handle rough or slippery terrain
playa del carmen's beach for the disabled

The sun loungers are mobile and are also amphibious. Some of their other features are:

  • Increased seat height for easy access and greater stability
  • Oversized inflated tires for any terrain
  • Backrest has three different leaning positions
  • Made with aluminum and sailing fabric for the ultimate lightweight portability
playa del carmen's beach for the disabled

The orthopedic beach walker is a wonderful assist for taking a walk or taking a break while sitting and watching the waves roll in. The special features of this walker are:

  • Comfortable seat
  • Lightweight and ergonomic construction
  • Made of rustproof materials
  • Walker poles have large cups so the legs will not sink in the sand
  • Oversized, air-filled all-terrain tires
  • Easy maneuverability

The Riviera Maya continues to be a world leader in tourism. With the innovative additions to Playa del Carmen's public beach areas and continued dedication to promoting tourism to all markets, the Riviera Maya will continue to prosper for many years to come.


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