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Michelle Bradshaw

Michelle Bradshaw

After making a trip to Cancún in 1998, Michelle decided that she wanted to move to Mexico. In 2009 she became an empty nester and was able to turn that dream into a reality. Her daughter lives in Canada and her two stepdaughters live in Australia.

A former Canadian who now calls Mexico her home, Michelle brings more than a decade of mortgage experience to the Riviera Maya. Her depth of experience and strong financial background make her a valuable asset to customers wanting to buy in Mexico. In Canada, she was licensed as a Mortgage Agent in 2002, certified as a Personal Financial Planner in 2003, and then became an Accredited Mortgage Professional in 2004. She is now working with Mortgages in Mexico offering foreigners financing for their Riviera Maya home or condo.

Michelle's stories range from adventure to travel info to financial advice. Enjoy, as she makes her new life in Mexico.



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