Moving to Mexico: Books to Help You on Your Way

moving to mexico
By Joanne M.Birce of Alma Libre

You’ve visited Mexico many times for a vacation, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to live here? There are lots of ex-pats living a wonderful life here. Some do it for the weather, some do it for the adventure and some do it just because they love the country and the people. But whatever your personal reasons are, moving to Mexico is not an easy step to make and it is not for everyone. If you are considering this life change we have a number of books to recommend that will help start you on your way.

book Adapter Kit Mexico
The first thing you need to do is find out the basics. What is an FM3? What is a menaja de casa? Can I own property? What is the healthcare like? Can you bring in a vehicle? And on and on and on…. To help answer these basic questions and many more we recommend: Adapter Kit: Mexico: A Traveler's Tools for Living Like a Local By Ken Luboff

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This book discusses history, economics, food, culture, and offers advice on topics like medical care, immigration and even a small section on starting a business. Luboff has also written a book called Live Well in Mexico: How to Relocate, it was written before the “Adapter Kit” and covers much of the same information but is not quite as up to date.

book Adapter Kit Mexico
The next thing that you need to understand is the culture. This is explained well in: The People’s Guide to Mexico By Carl Franz

Originally published in the 70’s, this book has been updated many times, most recently in 2002 with its 30th Anniversary edition. It is packed with everything you could possible want to or need to know about living or traveling in Mexico. It includes customs, hand gestures, revealing stories and useful guidance. It not only fills you in on those little cultural secrets, it also includes excellent travel itineraries for getting around the country.

If you’re thinking more along the lines of retiring in Mexico we recommend: Choose Mexico, 8th Edition: Travel, Investment, and Living Opportunities for Every Budget By John Howells & Don Merwin

This book is aimed at people that are on a fixed income. It talks about how to stretch your retirement dollars, but still get the best quality of life. Even if you are considering moving here, but not retiring, this is an excellent source of information.

book on Mexican Time
Finally, if you’re at the stage where you’re dreaming about moving to Mexico, but career, family or other obligations have you tied down, we recommend: On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel By Tony Cohan

This is the book that originally inspired us to take the leap. Cohan’s observations of life in Mexico are excellent. He does a wonderful job of painting visual images with his words. When we were in the midst of selling our house and all our worldly possessions, if I had any doubts about why we were doing this, I would pick up this book and read a few chapters and the reasons would all rush back to me.

book Sky is born
And for people who are interested in the Yucatan try: Where the Sky is Born By Jeanine Lee Kitchel

Kitchel recalls her tale of buying property, building a home and moving to the Yucatan. All of these titles will be available at Alma Libre Bookstore in Puerto Morelos when we reopen for the season in October. For special orders or more information visit our website

“Good Luck” with your research and we hope to see you in Mexico.

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