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Natalie Novak Perez

natalie novak

I was born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I started snorkeling at age four. Then I earned my Open Water Certification at the age 14, and I am still passionately addicted to diving! I been diving for just over 15 years now, and I am proud to say that I learned to dive before I learned to drive.

Before deciding to dive full time, I completed an Honors Degree in Theater and a four-year degree in Psychology. I love introducing people to the underwater world, and this is why I became a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor. On Friday nights I also enjoy singing with my blues band in Playa del Carmen. Ask me where we are playing!

Natalie has provided several stories along with many great Dive Tips that have appeared in our monthly newsletters. You can learn more about Natalie at Dive with Natalie & Ivan.

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March 2010
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February 2011
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November 2010
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Magical Seahorse - Natalie Novak, dive instructor, shares a story about diving in the Riviera Maya
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October 2010
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July 2010
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Sponges - The real ones ... underwater, by Natalie Novak
Squid (Not Just Calamari) - by Natalie Novak
Suckers - Learn about remoras from Natalie Novak.
They're Not Hugrays (September 2011) - Akumal doesn't feed animals on their dives - by Natalie Novak
Turtle Love - by Natalie Novak, Dive with Natalie and Ivan
Young at Heart Underwater - January 2010

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