Natural Remedies

There are countless medicinal plants that grow abundantly in the tropics, and the Maya were adept at using what nature provided to cure illness. Learn how you can implement a few natural remedies into your life.

v21_how_alt_med_kit_thumb_a.jpg How to Start an Alternative Medicine Kit?

Where to start? – Part I

mari La Casa de las Mariposas Butterfly Garden on Road from Tulúm to Cobá

by Mari Pintkowski, February 2010

Organics in Mexico

By Lucy Gallagher-Freymuth

rainy11.jpg The Rainy Season: Friend or Foe?

Mold, mildew, foul smell, dampness, plant debris, bat and bird guano, and insects, dead and alive - by Mari Pintkowski

mari april 08 The Secret is Clay

April 2008 by Mari Pintkowski

evol_5_green_thumb_1_t.jpg The Tropical Green Thumb 1: Papaya Carica

This History, Origin, Uses, And More Of This Tasty Tropical Fruit Tree

v19_medicinal_trees_thumb.jpg The Yucatan's Medicinal Trees

Reaping cures from the jungle – Medicinal plants

v23_talk_health_feb_thumb_a.jpg Three Herbs to Include in My Alternative Medicine Kit

What to include in my alternative medicine kit? Don´t forget these three famous herbs!

evol_6_green_thumb_t.jpg Tropical Green Thumb II: Bouganvillea

From Mexico to Brazil, known to the rest of the world in the 1700s.

Turtle Baths, Silky Clay, and Sister Friendships

By Mari Pintkowski - December 2009

La Selva Mariposa

Casa Carolina Xcalak

Villas Flamingo