News from Xaman Ek
Montessori Education Center, Tulúm
March 2010

by Leo Bermudez Ferrer, School Director


Strengthening Children's Spirituality

One of the activities offered at Xaman Ek is yoga, an ancient practice for uniting body and spirit in a series of postures. By physically stretching the body, thereby creating relaxation throughout the body, children's ability to concentrate is enhanced.

Our yoga teacher is Jacqueline Moguel Kanarek, who is trained to teach yoga to children. She recently attended a training program given by Guru Dass Kaur and has been certified by Childplay Yoga. Guru Dass Kaur, having studied the Montessori philosophy, affirms that "Besides being fun, yoga is a way for children to work on their balance, concentration, strength and flexibility."

Children do not need to practice yoga in exactly the same way as adults. Rather, they need to practice yoga in a program that is geared towards children's own developmental needs and recognizes that they are still growing beings. The children's yoga class at Xaman Ek allows them to take part in exercises that teach them balance, coordination, games for helping their gross motor development, and more. The classes take place in an open patio allowing the children to simultaneously have contact with the wonders of nature.

The children participate in the yoga class enthusiastically each morning. One of the first activities during the class is the children are encouraged to speak about how they are feeling, sharing their state of mind and body. From there, the class moves into different postures and ends with a song that reminds the children that we are all part of what we see around us.

It is a beautiful way to start the day, uniting body and spirit to allow for inner harmony. By teaching yoga, Jacqueline Moguel offers the children the opportunity to open their hearts, and much more!

Xaman Ek serves children ages 18 months to 4 years old.
The school is located on Calle Leo Sur between Luna and Saturno in the center of Tulúm. Telephone: 984-145-3153

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