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Fall is coming. Halloween will be here soon and then the Day of the Dead. Read more about what Day of the Dead means in these two articles: Day of the Dead: Practices in the Yucatán Peninsula and The Day of The Dead.

What's New

As reported by The Akumalian, the ATM in El Pueblito Supermarket across from Super Chomak, in Akumal, dispenses only U.S. dollars!! Be sure to check out the latest issue for more news from Akumal. And Steve C, good luck on your shopping spree.

Akumal Investments recently completed an aerial photography session of the southern portion of the Riviera Maya, using high-resolution cameras. These new photographs show the growth of the area, which is difficult to conceive of from the ground.


Go Fish! in Playa - Troll, bottom-fish, snorkel and explore virgin beaches on the Caribbean Sea. Plan your trip with excursions in ENGLISH or SPANISH. On a half-day trip, combine two activities; on a full day, you have all options.

Art Reef - More than 200 sculptures will be part of an extaordinary underwater garden taking shape off Isla Mujeres. The idea is to create an artificial reef that will take some of the natural and tourist pressure off the nearby real thing.

Xaman Ek is starting the new school year with the mission to be able to offer the children who attend activities that facilitate their developmental growth in a holistic way, as reported by Eleanora Bermudez Ferrer, school founder and director.

News from Marti at Akumal Yoga - "Fall is turning, and low season is slow here in Akumal, but we are still maintaining classes six days a week. The October schedule is at With nudges from students, colleagues and the universe at large I am launching a fusion class anchored in yoga, but incorporating other movement forms ... yep, we'll be dancing! Thursdays, 8:30 a.m.

"Esteemed Anusara master teacher Ann Moxey will be at Yoga en Akumal November 27 and 28 for two full days of retreat/workshops: Parinama Yoga, Yoga of Transformation. There is more info for this on the Web site as well. Remember that accommodations are available at Casa de los Espejos, and I can help with other arrangements as well.

"On Wednesday, November 3, I will be offering a workshop, Touching the Divine Within: Goddess Stories, in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Women in Wellness retreat. Visit our Web site for more info on the workshop. Also see more on Women in Wellness."


NEW from Ak-Nah Galería in Akumal - Screen-printed T-shirts of artist Richard Mazzola's own original baby turtle painting. Beautiful silver and inlaid turquoise Mayan mask pendants, with an original glass bead from the shipwreck "El Matancero." Mayan masks of cedar by Chichén-Itzá artist Samuel, and painted by Richard. Lots of new natural gemstone "one of a kind" jewelry by Cami.
Opening the first part of November.
Mon.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-1

Hotel Akumal Caribe

Hotel Akumal Caribe News
Lol Ha has opened up a taco cart, Loquito's, beside Cyber Beach Gelato and Café! Now you can experience Mexican street food on the beach and head over for dessert next door. Try our fresh variety of tacos, empanadas, grilled green onions and our delicious salsas—all with homemade corn or flour tortillas. Eat right there, or take them to your favorite spot on the beach! Open daily 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., weather permitting.

AND - starting in 2011, rooms at HAC will include free breakfast and Internet access!

Dive Tip

Dive Tip, by Natalie Novak: I have had the best luck spotting micro-animals when I search the coral heads that sit like islands in the sand. There may be just as many shrimp and seahorses on dense pieces of reef, but against the blank canvas of the sand, I find it easier to focus on a small area and to search for the little animals which may be camouflaged in the plants and coral. Also, when photographing little guys, it helps if your camera is set to micro. Good luck! For more, read Slow and Steady.

Make every dive count when you Dive with Natalie & Ivan.

photo – pipefish

Of Special Interest

Heather's Working Summer Adventures - by Heather Froeming
The idea for our summer "working" vacation in Italy was first, for me to see Italy for the first time, second, to have Marco get back to his roots after four years of being away and, third, to get to know the Italian kiting community. We started in Rome, where Marco is from, and accomplished our first two goals: touring Rome, Firenze, Siena and Vinci, all while enjoying the company of Marco's family and friends ...

If Choosing can be scary, Not choosing can be scarier - by Henry Saldana
Some people love to choose (Cool! I get to pick!), and others dread it (Bummer. I have to decide.) If you love the self-determination and power of making choices, choosing is a breeze. You feel secure in choosing, and you trust yourself to make the right choices. But if the prospect of making a choice creates anxiety, indecision, or conflict, you need to learn the skills that can help you work through those things. You need to get into making decisions.

Little Duande - by Eva Estes
I recently had the opportunity to purchase two small lots in a preserved area of the Riviera Maya. My dream is to build a funky three-tiered house made with all-natural materials, to live "off the grid" with solar power, to grow beautiful gardens and to take care of any creature that needs help in the wild ...

Games to Help You Learn Spanish - Learning Spanish can be so much fun! Playing games and using different methods helps the language become second nature. The more methods, games and activities that are incorporated into daily life, the more likely the new language will take root in the mind.


Sac-Be offers free listings for properties along the Riviera Maya. If you would like to have your rental property listed, please complete the form on our owner's page. Or, if you are interested in learning more about other advertising opportunities, please contact us.

Playa del Carmen

Casa Playa Bella – Situated in the heart of Playa del Carmen, this gorgeous condo at Aqua Terra is a unique and artful two-bedroom condo available for daily, weekly and monthly rental. Combining all the luxury of a boutique hotel with the privacy of your own home, this contemporary rental unit offers the ideal vacation getaway.

New Contributor

Heather Froeming - originally from California, first came to Akumal after finishing college in 1998. At the time, 307 was a dirt road and the area was still pretty rustic. But she found herself in Akumal and fell in love with the beaches and lifestyle.

October 2010 - #33

Community News

Hekab Be Library

Update from the Hekab Be Library by Eleanor Zucker - Hekab Be staff are starting the new school year cycle with great enthusiasm, providing afternoon homework and research help to school age kids, the majority of which is focused on health, due to a new program being implemented in the public schools to educate children about eating healthy in order to prevent childhood obesity and diabetes.

Puerto Aventuras

from Christina Alexander - Anat Kah, together with the Puerto Aventuras high school construction committee, is pleased to announce that construction has begun on the first phase of the high school in the Poblado of Puerto Aventuras. As I write this, the building's foundation is being laid, and we will host a community event to celebrate laying the first block on Friday, October 15 (details to follow soon). Read more.


Pets of the Month are from Coco's Cat Rescue. Two kittens that are sisters have been with us now for six months, and no one has adopted them. Their names are Maribella and Opal. Maribella is shy and Opal is a little shy, but both need a loving home asap.

Costa Maya Living advertisement

A reminder to all our readers: Sac-Be supports the efforts of all the wonderful organizations that are out there helping the environment, animals, children and people of the Yucatán. We encourage each of you, as the end of the year draws near, to donate to your favorite cause. We know times are tough for everyone right now, but what we feel personally is a fraction of what nonprofits are feeling. Thanks!

Peanut Pet Shelter Update from Andy Macdonald: "It has been a busy month here at Peanut, with the big move to the new dog shelter in Akumal and the construction of 8 new runs. There are now 78 dogs in Akumal with another 9 puppies and 41 cats and kittens in Playa. The last few months have been really difficult for Peanut (as with many charities and businesses) due to the recession. We are struggling on and are hoping that November brings a much-needed influx of donations. We are currently running a holiday draw and there will be a Bring-a-Bag fundraiser in the coming weeks."

From us: So please take a moment and help feed your Peanut Friends by donating a bag of food for just $25 USD. We just did, and it took all of two minutes.

Calendar of Events

sea turtle festival

October 14-17 - Eighth Sea Turtle Festival in Tulúm. To learn more, visit their site. And, as Marti said, "Word is Bandikoro is playing ... so let's dance!"

October 30 - Foremost in many people's minds in October in Akumal is the famous La Buena Vida Annual Halloween Party. Please note it will be held Saturday night, October 30.

November 1-8Women In Wellness - Registration is November 1 at Lol Ha from 4-7. For those who register, classes will be free or $10.00, so be sure to register to be eligible for reduced prices on these amazing classes and workshops.

November 1 - Women In Wellness will kick off with a Blessing by El Indio on the beach in front of Lol Ha. This is free to everyone. Following the Blessing is the Welcome Dinner at Lol Ha; please make your reservations prior to November 1, 2010.

November 14 – The 2nd Xel-Há Sprint Triathlon has reached its limit of 500 participants, who registered in any of 12 categories. Read more about this sold-out event.

Mark Decarlo

November 21Taste Of Playa - Who can resist a combination of GREAT FOOD, GOOD CAUSE, WONDERFUL PEOPLE and the BEACH AT PLAYA? A must-attend event. And please, send us your photos for our December issue. Check out the Celebrity Host.

December 5 & 6Extreme Control invites you to the Tulúm Sports Festival! They will have Kite Boarding, Paddle Boarding, Beach Volleyball, Kayaking, music and a ton of fun!!!!

March 19-21 – Green Expo in Tulúm will be celebrating its fourth year. Mark your calendars. It will be a great GREEN EXPO!

REMINDER: If you have any events coming up in 2010, please send us the information so we can get it posted on our Events Calendar.

Make your own Special Event any night by having a Romantic Dinner for two on the beach at Lol-Ha.

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