OM Hotel and Restaurant Review (May 2011)

by Lydia Linton Pontius
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In the early afternoon I headed over to Om []  to check on my reservation. I knew it was early but I was just down the road. A very nice gentleman spoke to me and explained the room would be ready in just a few hours. No problema! I had plans to go visit a friend in Tul˙m and just wanted to make sure, since I might be a little late and to let them know that I was indeed in town. I was off to Tul˙m to visit one of my very first friends in all of the Riviera Maya. We had a wonderful time and the hours flew by. The next thing I knew, it was time to head back and get checked into Om. I arrived, and they were ready and waiting for me. They helped me with my luggage and took me to a lovely suite upstairs just behind their restaurant. This is one of the most beautiful palapa rooms I have ever been in, and I have seen quite a few. Being on the second floor, the view was lovely and the breeze was incredible. Om is an eco-resort and runs on generators, so you are without electricity during the evening and early morning hours. With the breeze and lovely mosquito nets, you will not have a problem. But, note to self, put your flashlight next to the bed, or have fun stumbling in the dark to the restroom at night. I guess you all know which one I did.

Om is a lovely boutique resort with a real Indian feel. It proclaims its Oms: yoga, relaxation and meditation. There is a very nice restaurant where I ordered chicken satay and was very pleased with it. There is incense burning and hookahs on many of the tables.

That night, as lovely as the setting was, I was in the mood to hear some salsa, so I strolled with my friend Margo in Mexico down to La Zebra where they were having salsa lessons. We chose to just watch this evening, but I highly recommend it to those wanting to learn salsa, or to the experienced salsa dancer who just wants to have some fun.

Next morning I woke early just to sit on my balcony, listen to the ocean and take in the surroundings. I walked the beach and sat on one of the several comfortable lounge chairs. The restaurant opened and lured me in for a nice, quiet breakfast, just me and the resident dog! You know a place is good when they have a welcoming dog. They always make smile; it could be by this point that I was missing my own two dogs.

Where did the morning go? Time to check out and hit the road back north to Akumal. Akumal is always my home base for these trips. We started at Hotel Akumal Caribe with the week-long Women In Wellness Retreat and WaterART certification training. It seemed like a long time since that had taken place. We traveled a lot of kilometers in our week. I highly recommend, for those of you who have only visited the Riviera Maya, that it is time to rent a car and start exploring more. We love the Riviera Maya coast but it is just the tip of the iceberg!

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