Organics in Mexico

by Lucy Gallagher-Freymuth


organic products of Mexico
Mexico shelters an amazing variety of life but, sadly, more than 1,200 of its species are listed as threatened or endangered. Mexico has the fourth-largest amount of plant and animal species on the planet. Mexico's rich biodiversity can be protected by assuring that its agricultural areas are free from chemicals and are not ecologically altered. One solution is organic farming.

The national demand for organic produce in Mexico is still extremely low: 85% of the country's certified organic production is for export, mainly to the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan and Switzerland.

Coffee accounts for two-thirds of the value of organic produce in Mexico, which is mainly cultivated in Chiapas and Oaxaca by indigenous communities. Therefore, by purchasing organic coffee from Mexico, you probably will be helping some of the poorest rural communities in the country.

Mexico produces an array of other organic produce such as maguey, mangoes, oranges, beans, apples, papaya, avocado, soy, bananas, cacao, vanilla, honey, pineapple, chaya, achiote and neem, many of which you will find in the products we offer at our small store in Tulum: Organicamente (or Think Organik TM).

organic products of Mexico
We are dedicated to providing natural and organic products for individuals who truly care about their health and the environment.

We strive to seek out products that are made in Mexico, support minority communities and respect traditional methods.

We work with smaller producers, family businesses and co-operatives, in a large network of partners with a similar vision.

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