Oscar Romero, Artist 2-09

By Laura Bush Wolfe,

January, 2009

Oscar Romero comes to Akumal every year and stays at Hotel Akumal Caribe. He was born in Mexico and has been living in Chicago for 25 years. He is a well recognized sculpture, painter, and muralist.

Oscar is not just any guest though. He is a guest with a passion! A passion for art and for giving. Every year for the past 4 years, he has organized a Sand Sculpture Contest on the January 1. We have had as many as 27 sculptures gracing our beach for days, and only time and weather destroy them!

Each sculpture must have a concept linked to the Mayan Culture and to the Ecology. The contestants must present their work with a short explanation of what they are depicting and the story their art work tells. No one is an expert, but they all have talent! Amazing work is presented with original use of natural materials, and concepts that only the best imaginations would think of!

This year, Oscar surprised us on “Dia de los Santos Reyes”, January 6th with this beautiful relief painting on our Reception wall! Now we have a lasting reminder of every visitor to see!

In addition, Oscar has left me with a portfolio of sketches and art work to sell at fundraisers. Proceeds are to go towards the Education fund of the Akumal United Fund. This is the work of the Akumal Development Council, and this committee is under my responsibility.


We are so happy to welcome Oscar to Hotel Club Akumal and our Community salutes him!

Laura Bush Wolfe

oscar romero and laura bush Wolfe
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