Pablo Bush Romero August 2008


Good news for the kids of the 2008 6th grade graduating class! Thanks to many generous donations, seven students were awarded a one-year scholarship to be paid out monthly. They were presented with a letter of acceptance during their graduating ceremony at the beginning of July, where it stated they will be getting 500 pesos per month to go towards their expenses throughout the year.

After graduating from 6th grade, many of these kids get jobs instead of continuing their studies. Our goal is to keep all students in school as long as possible!

The selection process considered many variables in order to select the first seven kids. This is a list of the criteria that was used:

Grade average; whether they had any other scholarships; how many siblings and how many of school age; how long living in Akumal Pueblo; whether they live in a rented house or their parents own a house; whether it is a wood or concrete home; and their living conditions.

A committee was selected in order to evaluate and check all data collected, and the information was put into a point system. This enabled the committee to come up with the seven candidates for the scholarships.

The PABLO BUSH ROMERO SCHOLARSHIP FUND must keep going. This is a great start! If you are planning to visit Akumal, please consider leaving a donation in the collection box at Super Chomak. You can leave your name and contact information, if you like, in the special envelopes we have for this purpose.

If you want to send in your donation, the check can be made out to Centro Ukana I Akumal, A.C. The Ecological Center of Akumal has agreed to be the administrator of the funds. You can mail the check to PO Box 13326, El Paso, Texas 79913 and you will get a receipt. However, at this time, there is no tax deductibility for U.S. donations.

Akumalians love your visits! Please love these kids back by helping with their future!

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