Pablo Bush Romero Scholarship Fund

The kids attending the government run school in Akumal, have limited choices for continuing their education beyond Elementary level.

Hotel Akumal Caribe have teamed up with CEA, Akumalís Ecological Association, to establish a scholarship fund for kids with limited means and good grades, to continue with their schooling and finish their Middle School education. ( SECUNDARIA) Hopefully extending the scholarship fund to High School level education also!

CEA is involved with education, and we feel that this well established nonprofit organization will be able to act as Administrator of the fund.

To kick off the scholarship fund, we will donate the proceeds of these fund raisers. The Valentineís Day Raffle, Superbowl, and The Academy Awards Fundraiser.

This scholarship fund has been established in memory of Pablo Bush Romero, pioneer of Akumal. In its infancy, Akumal had no schools, except a few people who moved to Akumal or came on vacation, that took it upon themselves to teach the kids of the staff working at the time.

Today, in spite of all the mega developments around us, some kids still donít have the luxury of continuing with school after the 6th grade! Although government schools have no fees, there are costs involved like uniforms, books and supplies that make it prohibitive for some families.

Please give generously to the Pablo Bush Romero Scholarship Fund. Leave us your email address. We will send you pictures of the kids that are awarded the scholarships, and give you progress reports on their pursuit of a good education to prepare them for a better life! If you want to become a benefactor for one child, we can pair you with someone and when you visit Akumal, you will be able to visit with the child and hear about his or her progress and gratitude personally!

Read about Palbo Bush Romero.

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