Painting and Computer Workshops in Akumal

March 2012

The Education, Liaison and Culture Committee in Akumal has been coordinating two interesting workshops with the telesecundaria Josť Vasconcelos.

A 5-day/15-hr Computer Applications Workshop with Ekab Meade

The students at the telesecundaria enjoyed and appreciated very much the Computer Application Workshop given by Ekab Meade.

A lot more effort must be made to have the authorities provide our school with technology and special rooms for these activities. Nothing is too much to give our kids the best possibilities to prepare themselves. This is the only way to combat the influence of violence and insecurity in our community and our country.

A 5-day/10-hr Painting Workshop, with the gracious cooperation of Richard Mazzola

The Painting Workshop was quite an experience for everybody. It was very challenging due to the conditions of the school, but the students enjoyed it very much. The kids loved Richard and they learned many very important things with him.

We had a  good introduction to art, beauty, sensitivity, forms and depth. The students were exposed to new ideas and important concepts.

We were all so fulfilled with the experience that we are demanding the municipality for a special room for arts for the kids, and won't fade away until we have it

We are convinced that the whole community will turn their eyes to the Education, Liaison, and Culture Committee in Akumal, and support our students, parents and teachers as they ask the municipality for this concrete need.

On Friday, the students visited  Richard's and Sergio's galleries. Richard gave a poster to each kid.

We all had a wide exposure to art, crafts, forms, color and creative possibilities which are very inspiring and invite us to express ourselves.


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