Playa Animal Rescue (PAR) Moving Day

Playa Animal Rescue (PAR), a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in Playa del Carmen that is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abandoned dogs, and to finding permanent, loving homes for each of them. Playa Animal Rescue's primary focus is on dogs, but they work with other local and international animal rescue organizations to get help for cats and kittens in need as well. Playa Animal Rescue also is involved in promoting responsible pet ownership with community outreach and education, as well as promoting spaying and neutering of pets.

On April 15, 2012 after months of housing the dogs of PAR at a remote location outside of Akumal known as "The Ranch," PAR was finally able to move all of the dogs from the The Ranch to PAR's new beautiful, state-of-the-art shelter facility located in Playa del Carmen. The new shelter facility was built through many generous donations from supporters and friends of PAR Without their help and continuing help in addition to the help of many others, the dream of a new shelter could not have happened.

Moving day on April 15th was a wonderful "sunny" day, OK perhaps a little too "sunny", but was nonetheless an ideal day to transport the dogs to the New Shelter Facility. The transport teams consisted of many PAR staff members, as well as friends and supporters of PAR, whose help was immeasurable. They all came with vehicles, dog crates and a shared desire to help move the dogs from The Ranch to the much safer environment at the New Shelter Facility.

A large truck was utilized to transport the majority of the dogs, with two members of the transport team riding with the dogs to watch over them and keep the dogs calm during the ride. One of the dogs, Pluto, a very large Great Dane, decided that he wanted to ride while sitting in the lap of one of the transport team members Sarah. Needless to say although Pluto is a big boy and it was hot, Sarah never complained.

After arriving at the New Shelter Facility, the crates and the dogs were carefully unloaded to the waiting, loving arms of many more friends of PAR who were there to welcome each and every dog to their new home and introduce them into their runs in the facility. It was with much joy that the dogs were seen wagging their tails and checking out their new surroundings. After a few minutes of "settling in," some of the dogs decided to lay under the shade of the roof of their runs, others chose to "soak up the sun" while others drank cool, clean water. In time some of them began to play with one another in their new homes.

April 15 was truly a wonderful day not only for Playa Animal Rescue, as an organization, but more importantly for the dogs currently housed at the New Shelter Facility and for those animals that PAR will continue to strive to help in the years to come.

Although no words can express our gratitude, PAR extends a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has made, continues to make and, in the future, will make the dream of the New Shelter Facility come true!


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