Personal Trainer Trip a Success 11/08

WaterART Fitness International and Just Imagine Vacations had an amazing trip to Akumal for Personal Trainer's certification and re-certification. It was a small group this trip but, in some ways, that made it even more wonderful. The Personal training was intense and educational. Julie Twynham, Educational Director of WaterART, took full advantage of the time spent in paradise and hired videographer Yibran Aragon to film her underwater in Akumal. Julie said “Yibran was second to none,” and is looking forward to working with him in the future. Just Imagine Vacation's own Lydia Linton Pontius found herself back in the days of her documentary work and helped do some filming in Yal Ku. The Poor's were so wonderful to open up their compound and allow Julie to film in their infinity pool and have access to Yal Ku Lagoon. Even the birds cooperated by flying right into the shots as if on cue. It was an amazing and unexpected addition to the trip. These are just some of the reasons Akumal is so special.  Get a sneak peak at the video we did.

We want to thank the Poor's again for their hospitality. In addition to filming and training at their compound, we did some unexpected Christmas shopping. Nancy Poor has spent hundreds of hours, I am sure, creating some of the most gorgeous necklaces. These hand-made gems are being donated by Nancy and sold so that the money can go to some great causes in Akumal. You can buy her hand-made necklaces at Turtle Bay Cafe, and the money from those sales will go to SPAY's free Animal Clinics - they do spay and neutering clinics all along the coast with volunteer workers and veterinarians.

Another place you can buy these necklaces are right next door at Ixchel Boutique. The proceeds from these sales will go to the Frida Khalo Telesecundaria Library. This new library is a wonderful and much needed addition to the pueblo. It is located at the Telesecudaria and the goal is to help inspire, education and encourage the kids to continue their education. It is also used by adults in town too. If you are in the area and looking for a great gift that will continue to give through these charitable organizations, please check out these necklaces, and, just as I did, be sure to buy an extra one or two for yourself.

When the group was not training, filming or shopping for necklaces we enjoyed a number of great restaurants, snorkeled, and of course took an evening to enjoy 5th Avenue.

The trip was so wonderful that the plans are in the works for a trip next fall. If you are interested in joining us next fall or have any questions please contact us. The trip will be open to water instructors who want to get some continuing education credits as well as to anyone looking for a group trip to paradise that guarantees a focus on wellness that will also be a well-balanced combination of fitness and fun. We are planning water classes, snorkeling, diving, yoga, beach walking, salsa lessons and more. Side trips will be available. Water instructors get your whole classes to join us and if you book before May, 2009 there are some wonderful discounts being offered . Contact us for more information.