Playa Del Carmen

The driving beat in the heart of the Riviera Maya belongs to Playa del Carmen, a sleepy beachside village that has evolved into a chic cosmopolitan city throughout the past 20 years. Uninterrupted stretches of white sand have attracted a worldly mix of citizens whom, in turn, have created Playa’s funky, international flavor. Featuring the longest shopping district around, visitors up and down the coast flock to the famous 5th Avenue (5ta Avenida) to find their designer outfit or unique vacation token.

The only thing more plentiful than the shops and boutiques adorning the streets of Playa is the multitude of excellent restaurants and cafes, creating a gastronomic must for any Riviera Maya vacation. As for after-hours entertainment, Playa really does have it all. Sophisticated martini bars and stylish lounges afford visitors the sought after intimate atmosphere, while beach clubs and discotheques provide the wild, dance-‘til-the-sun-comes-up spots for those needing to get a little crazy. All this and more can be yours with a visit to Playa del Carmen!

Since Playa is so large we recommend you also visit In The Roo and Playa.Info for more local news and information. And peruse our Contributing writer Michele Kinnon's articles and blog for up to date information on what is happening.

pdc_services_10-14.jpg Great Services in Playa del Carmen

A few services can help make daily life more manageable

Alux Lydia Two Nights in Playa del Carmen

First two days of our 2014 tour

pdc_markets_9-14.jpg Playa del Carmen Markets

Where to Shop Throughout the Week

soccer1_7-14.jpg Riviera Maya Rotary Keep the Ball Rolling

Local Riviera Maya Rotary chapters came together to donate 500 nearly indestructible soccer balls to local public schools.

taste of playa Fifth Annual Taste of Playa - Sunday, November 24, 2013

at the Parque Fundadores in Playa del Carmen

education_11-13.jpg Educating Your Children in Mexico: Part 3 - You've Found the Right School – Now What?

Your role in this process is to make the transition as smooth as possible for your children. - by Michele Kinnon

education_mexico2.jpg Educating Your Children in Mexico: Part 2 - How to Find the Right School

How do you choose the right school for your family?

kkis_10-13.jpg Keeping Kids in School – Playa del Carmen

canibal_bc.jpg Top 7 Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen

Numerous clubs range from trendy and chic to upscale luxury.

kinnon_9-13.jpg 2013 Real Heroes of Mexico

From the Mexico Report by way of Michele Kinnon's blog Life's a Beach.

kkis1.jpg Keep Kids in School in Playa del Carmen

A group of American and Canadian women dedicate their time to help children stay in school.

mexican_student_7-13.jpg Educating Your Children in Mexico: Part 1 - Schools and Education in Mexico

First in series to help select best school for your kids

taste_of_playa_logo.jpg Taste of Playa 2013

VIP passes available online starting July 15

disabled_beach_6-13.jpg Mexico's First Public Beach for Disabled

Playa del Carmen proud to host innovation

Zoe PAR Life-long Animal Lover

Karen Sutton tells how she became Zoe's mom.

Recycling News for Playa Del Carmen

Lots of helpful information for recycling

rotary_2-13.jpg The Riviera Maya's Rotary Club for English Speakers

Playa del Carmen by Michele Kinnon

Rigo Happy Ending for Both Rigo and Adopters

If at first you don't succeed ... by Trish Bennett

sos-sylvie.jpg ExPat Dreams of Dogs Helping People

SOS el Arca Pet Rescue in Playa del Carmen, by Lisa Juliot

Sharkey Meet Sharkey, Artist and Author

Lisa Juliot writes about one of Playa del Carmen's most colorful personalities.

PAR Playa Animal Rescue (PAR) Moving Day

No-kill Shelter in Playa Del Carmen

tallavera store Playa del Carmen Traveling the Sac-Be 2011 – Final

Lydia Linton Pontius writes about their visit in Playa del Carmen.

Riviera Maya Chef Launches New Menu Concept John Gray Restaurant Group Moves to Fixed Price Menu

by Michele Kinnon

Taste of Playa 2011
Scheduled for November 20

Playa Del Carmen

Coco's Cat Rescue Vet Sponsorship

funding needed to sponsor a vet

Coco's Cat Rescue Pet ID Program

January 2010

Time to Xplor What’s New in the Yucatan August 2009

By Louis Pintkowski

ev_4_beach_pdc_t.jpg Playa del Carmen Beaches

For the savvy beach-go’er, slip your toes into the sands of Playa.

v21_chocolate_thumb.jpg Discovering Chocolate

The first proven chocoholics where in fact the ancient Maya.

v23_chaak_tun_thumb.jpg Chaak Tun

The ancient Maya revered this sacred spot and gave it a powerful name - Chaak Tun.

thompson1_10-15.jpg Bienvenidos to a New Luxury Experience in the Heart of Playa del Carmen

A new-concept luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Playa del Carmen on the world-famous 5th Avenue.

riviera maya map Choosing Where to Visit

Riviera Maya: Puerto Morelos—Tulum

yebo tree Club Yebo

A great location in Playa and very reasonable

scouts2_8-15.jpg Eco-Friendly Fun with Playa del Carmen Scouts!

What better way to teach kids about nature and community than the scouts!

Sol Maya Vacation Rentals

Buy Playa Real Estate Advisors

Hotel Club Yebo