Playa del Carmen Beaches

Playa del Carmen beach

Where’s the action for the savvy beach-go’er? Plenty of people-watching, miles of glorious white sand, and enough bars, restaurants, and beach clubs to suit everyone’s needs, await those heading to the powdery stretches of Playa del Carmen. This goldmine of international locals and travelers offers a culturally eclectic atmosphere as well as beaches wide enough to sport a ten-on-ten game of soccer with room on each side for spectators. Yes, the playa of ‘Playa’ just about has it all!

Depending on your particular party, there are a couple of approaches I can recommend to locating the primo place for your crew to enjoy the day’s sun. Tactics for the light traveling, into partying crowd – those sporting sunglasses, a bikini or a pair of trunks, and not much more – include letting the beach, or their thirst, be the guide. Start around the Ferry Dock and head to the north hopping from bar to bar. Hot music and hip crowds will determine the duration of your stay at each stop along the way. No ties, no agendas, no worries. Give yourself a true sampling of Playa’s immense smorgasbord of awesome entertainment.

Playa del Carmen beach

For the more ‘family-based’ group, toting sand toys, floatie-rafts, and towels galore, or for the couple seeking a private get away, I highly recommend checking out Playa’s far northern section of beach. There’s easier entrance into the water for the little tikes and less density of clubs, restaurants, and bars when one travels north of Ave. Constituyentes. I especially enjoy parking around Calle 38, walking straight out to the water’s edge, and scouting out my spot in the sand. I will walk farther if it is privacy I seek, but when hauling a family full of beach gear, the closer, the better is my philosophy.

Expect soft white sand and a gently sloping entrance into the cool Caribbean during your visit to the beaches of Playa del Carmen. Perfect for toddlers to play, excellent for parents to relax, ideal for lovers to stroll, and a shoe-in to please the partiers in the bunch, this beach really has it all. Also, if your group needs a retreat from the mid-day sun, 5th avenue - and her multitude of shops and boutiques - is conveniently found one block from the beach. Oh, lucky day! Please check out Sac-Be’s map of Playa del Carmen for location of parking lots and a few beachfront options.

Playa del Carmen beach Playa del Carmen beach


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