Playa del Carmen is known as a beach city with a creative, artistic and nature-loving population. It comes as no surprise that this town also has several great markets filled with crafts, artisanry, local ingredients and organic items created by Riviera Maya locals. Here's a quick list of Playa del Carmen's best markets throughout the week, where to find them, and when they're open.

Playa del Carmen organic market

 Playa del Carmen organic market


Kava Kasa Local Market

Every Tuesday from 11am – 1pm on Calle 22 between 5th and 10th Avenue

Kava Kasa lounge hosts this eco market every Tuesday, with baked goods, crafts, organic produce and more sold by local Playa del Carmen vendors.

Playa del Carmen organic market 


El Árbol Playacar Eco Market

Every Wednesday from 3pm – 6pm at El Árbol Playacar

In addition to a variety of local and organic products, this eco market also has a kids program scheduled at the same time so moms can shop while the kids play.

Playa del Carmen organic market 


Coco Beach Organic Market

Open every Friday morning from 9 –11 am at Les Alizes Condominiums

Despite its small size, Coco Beach Organic Market offers a wide range of products! You'll find items from local Playa del Carmen vendors like freshly baked bread, plants for your garden, homemade preserves, homemade soaps, colorful crafts and so much more.

Playa del Carmen organic market 


Sábado de Tianguis

The third Saturday of every month at Parque La Ceiba

Local vendors can sign up each month to participate in the long-running Sábado de Tianguis with artwork, eco products, artisanry, organic products, and second-hand items.

Playa del Carmen organic market 


Eco Tianguis y Trueque

About once a month at the Centro Cultural Caracol Marino

With numerous annual events, this market allows Playa locals to sell their baked goods, organic ingredients, artisanry, plants, preserves and other products. The market is often accompanied by arts and crafts workshops for kids, and sometimes has live performances. To find out the exact dates of this event, follow the Red de Trueque Solidaria PDC Facebook page.

Playa del Carmen organic market 

Below you'll find a quick-and-easy calendar for Playa del Carmen's weekly markets. Perfect to print out and hang on the fridge!

Playa del Carmen organic market