Tierra de Animales Needs On-Site Clinic

(June 2012)

The push for Tierra De Animales right now is to raise money to build an on-site vet clinic to handle the day-to-day medical needs of the dogs, to be able to be self-sufficient with sterilizations on site, snd to have a vet there for critical needs and emergencies/minor surgeries. This is crucial as nearly every day there are one to three trips into the city to the vet and just the gas alone is very expensive, and utilizes a lot of time that could be better spent with on-site care.

This photo is of the recently built quarantine building and the plan is to add a second floor to be the clinic. Additionally, the nearby community of Leona Vicario could be served at low cost for animal needs, as there is no veterinarian there and terrible situations with street dogs everywhere. Donations can be made via PayPal to ayuda@tierradeanimales.org or through the Web site www.tierradeanimales.org ... info via me at helpmexicandogs@hotmail.com.

We want to thank everyone who helped TDA construct the quarantine building.

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