Puerto Aventuras and Akumal Education (P.A.A.E.)

Puerto Aventuras Community Spotlight : 2/08

Dozens of students in Puerto Aventuras have been given the opportunity to attend high school thanks to P.A.A.E., an education program that has supported the community since 1999 when they sponsored an english teacher who was embedded in the school.

Due to the high costs of attending high school in Playa del Carmen, coupled with the lack of a public high school in Puerto Aventuras, many youth who live in the pueblo are unable to attend school past the 9th grade.

In 2002, P.A.A.E. began tackling this problem by offering high school scholarships covering the cost of transportation and expenses including uniforms and supplies to qualified students who maintain a certain grade average. Currently, the program is supporting 26 high school students from Puerto Aventuras. P.A.A.E. is also providing 7 students, who they assisted through high school, with university scholarships.

The program hopes to expand its scholarship initiative to bolster the educations of more and more children every year.

P.A.A.E. also offers extracurricular children's English classes in Puerto Aventuras and adult English classes in Akumal. It also currently pays a secundaria (middle school) English teacher who works within the school, as well as provides development courses for 6 local primary and middle school English teachers.

For more information, or if you would like to contribute to this educational effort, email puertoaventurascf@yahoo.com