Reader Wants Answer About Turtles and Palapas

One of our readers asked us to find out the answer to the following question:

"Reminder about the start of turtle nesting season beginning some time in April. Just over a month away. Many people have expressed concerns that the palapas on the beach will not be removed in time for the mama turtles that need to be able to nest. Can Sac Be ask the management at ABR?”

Dear Lydia Pontius:

    We would like to thank you for having contacted us and thank you for your concern about the Shades in front of Akumal Bay Resort and their possible effects on the sea turtles. We can assure you that we are working within the regulations and laws set by authorities. The placement of these Shades was made according to our ZOFEMAT granted Concession and based on a detailed study determining the historical distribution of Turtle nests.
•    At the north side, where in the past less Turtle nests were registered, a larger amount of Shades was installed.
•    On the south end of the beach because more turtle nests were registered, less Shades are displayed.
•    The Shades installed are not permanent; they are not anchored or cemented. They are fully movable.
•    We have a full time Biologist monitoring the Federal Zone as well as our property so they could be readily rezoned vis a visthe density of nests.
•    According with the norm imposed by SEMARNAT “Dirección General de Vida Silvestre” and the recently established NOM-SEMARNAT-162 that is in charge of all activities regarding the nesting of sea turtles in established zones of the country, we are obliged to put time and effort into helping with the nesting season. ie. Piling the beach chairs and removing any objects that may interfere with the nesting.
•    Our biologist, with more than 20 years of experience working on SeaTurtle protection and conservationprograms, was hired to ensure that enough protection is provided to allow the turtles to succeed on their nesting.
•     Based on last year´s season we made a study on the facts that determine why some of the sea turtles arriving to nest on Akumal Bay do not succeed. Our findings are here to share with you when you can come over and meet our team working in protection, ecology and sustainability.

I replied to that with:

Thank you for your reply. But no it doesn’t answer our reader’s question. Their question was not about how the shades were installed, where they were or were they removable. What they wanted to know was when and how would they be removed during Turtle Nesting Season?

We are sending out our newsletter on Monday and hope to have an answer for our reader in the newsletter. I really feel if I use your statement, the people will feel the question was not addressed.

Thanks you for your reply and I hope to hear back from you soon. 

 To that email I received this reply:

Dear Lydia

To be more specific, our Biologist on staff is in  charge of monitoring the beach in front of the hotel  during turtle season  at night.  If he or the staff sees that any of the shades are interfering in any way with a turtle trying to nest, the shade will be relocated or removed immediately.  They will in no way be the cause of a turtle not being able to nest on this beach.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we will try and find the answers. This is in no way an endorsement; it is simply us asking management a question that one of our readers asked us.

Akumal Bay Resort Palapas

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