Regional Spelling Bee Held in Akumal

by Laura Bush Wolfe  (May 2012)

A regional spelling bee was held in Akumal on April 26 that we were invited to as guests of honor.

Paul Sánchez-Navarro, Director of CEA, was presented with a Recognition Certificate for CEA in gratitude.

Leticia Córdova and I were presented with a certificate for the Akumal Council Education Committee that, thanks to Leticia's efforts, has been kept alive.

We gave out the 10 Pablo Bush Romero Scholarships totaling $50,000 pesos to the kids who won them from the Telesecundaria of Akumal Pueblo. Leticia developed a program for the kids to follow and gain points upon completion that included art, sports, reading, and computer work to establish the winners of this year's scholarships.

At the end the representative of the Education Commission expressed his desire to have more of these events at CEA since it was a very good location for them.

I love it that we were able to participate in this event. I and others took pictures.

Here's a link to many more photos.