Remembering Akumal by Jorge Luis Basave 5-09

by Jorge Luis Basave

Talking garbage has always been a common sport in Akumal ;) Or at least thatís what a bunch of us enjoy doing; as trying to stop the shameful pollution was the aim of the project that brought me to live the place of the turtles in the summer of 2000.

For me Akumal will always be a place worth fighting for; a rainbow of stars; a social experiment; a tickling spot; a pod for friends and a place that Iíll always remember as home.
Some of the photos (see below) Iím sharing are a reminder that above all, Akumal will always belong to the wind and to the sea.

From Sydney, Australia, Jorge Luis Basave

Jorge Luis Basave worked with CEA and is now with IFAW, International Fund for Animal Welfare in Sydney Australia.



Jorge Luis
Akumal Villas

Cabanas Tulum