Restaurante Kinich

by Lydia Linton Pontius (April 2014)

One of the things that Alex and I always enjoy about our trips around the Yucatán is finding great Maya restaurants—the kind you find in Valladolid, Izamal, or just off the beaten track. We had heard that one of our favorites, Restaurante Kinich, had opened a branch in Tulum and we couldn't wait to check it out.

It wasn't hard to find; if you traveled south through Tulum and got to the checkpoint, you were there. It was on the east side of 307. The facility was very large, with a great patio which was perfect for holding special events.

There was a small gift shop which sold sauces, honey, cookbooks and few other souvenir-type items. The décor was very hacienda in its feel and made you feel more like you were in the interior of the Yucatán rather than minutes from the beach.

The meals were priced very reasonably and the menu was quite extensive. We arrived early for lunch and were the first to be served. You could smell great aromas as they wafted out from the kitchen.

We chose a couple of appetizers as well as an entrée each, so we could get a good mix and feel for the quality. We were not disappointed. I had chaya and corn empanadas filled with cheese, as well as cochinita pibil tacos. Alex had poc chuc (citrus-marinated grilled pork), and we shared the flan Napolitano for dessert. Everything was wonderful.

Unfortunately, we understand this branch was closed earlier this month, so we're sorry if you didn't get a chance to try it in Tulum. If you travel inland to Izamal, we recommend you visit the original Kinich there.

Restaurante Kinich

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