Got Wind? Kiteboarding in the Riviera Maya

kiteboarding on the Riviera Maya
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What is kiteboarding? It's using the power of the wind to fly across the ocean, launch yourself 30 feet into the air, and ride waves into the sunset. It isn't as much of a sport as it is a passion.

In the beginning, kiteboarding grew from windsurfers looking for better performance and more fun in light winds. Since then surfers, snowboarders, skiers, wakeboarders, skaters, sailors, and paragliders have joined in, blending their skills with the sport. If you come from one of these sports, learning to kiteboard will bring a lot of familiar feelings as well as new ones. Even if you havenít been surfing the waves or riding on the mountain, kiteboarding is an awesome sport for anyone with the desire to learn.

Here in Tulum, Extreme Control has an ideal place to learn, practice and ride. With its consistent winds, warm Caribbean blue waters, and beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches, you discover a kiteboarding dream. The coastline offers great opportunities for exciting downwind trips with Extreme Control's Kite Kamps along the way. Also, there are many awesome locations just a road trip away to experience different areas in Mexico.

For the newbie, kiteboarding is simple, safe and fun if you take the right approach. Without lessons and bad advice you might face some frustration. Would you fly a plane without instruction? Of course not, then you probably should not fly a 12 meter kite attached to your body without instruction. So, it is highly suggested to get started with this sport by taking a thorough beginning course. A qualified instructor will teach you the art of kiteboarding in a suitable progression, using the right equipment in a safe environment. Taking the appropriate approach will save you time and money.

A good beginning course will start you out with a small foil trainer kite. These are safe and easy kites to begin learning the principles of the "wind window." This is an important aspect of kiteboarding in which you learn how to maneuver and control a trainer kite in the wind. After you gain control and understand the movements of the kite, you learn to use the power of the kite to drag your body through the water, known as a "body drag." The ultimate goal of an introduction lesson is to give you the skills you need to have complete control of a trainer kite.

If you demonstrate good control of the trainer kite, the next stage is to learn about the four line inflatable kites. But, remember the most important factor in kiteboarding is learning to fly a kite safely. So, a good instructor will make sure you have control of the trainer kite before moving you up to a small inflatable kite. Inflatable kites are the large kites you see sailing across the water. These kites pack a punch and require a full understanding of the wind in order to pilot them safely.

A beginning course includes a comprehensive introduction to the four-line inflatable kite where you will learn to set the equipment, the bar and its safety mechanisms, how to launch and land the kite and techniques in controlling the kite. With ideal conditions you will start to experience the power of the four-line kite.

The next step is to perfect your "body dragging" skills with the power kite and get started with the board and understanding the principles of a "water start." Everyone learns at a different pace and just remember it is better to practice the basics in order to learn the sport safely. A firm understanding of the kite is necessary before you tackle the board so just be patient and enjoy the learning process.

So, are you ready to enter a whole new world of passion? Tulum is a perfect place to learn kiteboarding with its long stretches of white sandy beaches and perfect sideshore winds. Extreme Control is based in Tulum at Kite Kamp "Uolis Nah" with activities all along the Riviera Maya.

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We hope to see you on the beach and remember, Power Is Nothing Without Control!

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