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Ron Paulick

Ron Paulick

My name is Ron Paulick. I am 58 years old, although I look 35 "wink." I live in Wisconsin, am the father of four adult children, and am married to Kathy, my life partner and spouse.

I have been diving for a number of years and have been interested in the aquatic realm for as long as I can remember. I love scuba diving and snorkeling.

I first came to Akumal about 10 years ago; it was love at first sight. Over the years, I have made many great friends in the Akumal area who have shown me the area and been instrumental in helping me understand the local reef and the area much better.  My wife, Kathy, and I think of Akumal as our second home.

Special thanks to Jeremy Moore, Gynna Lopez, Ivan & Natalie Perez, Laura Bush Wolfe, and my friends in Akumal who have guided me and taught me about invasive species, lionfish hunting, and allowed an outsider to feel like part of the group.

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