Sailing Into The Sunset

Sailing Title
By Dani Knod

Deep blue and expansive, the mother ocean is the allure for most of us visiting and living in this tropical paradise. So, any invitation to sail upon her waters need be taken with the utmost gratitude. Just last week, we were invited to join the owner of the 36-foot catamaran, the Kantaris, on a sunset cruise. Gonzalo Arcila, planned this particular trip around the rising of the full moon, and we were to spend our evening upon the magical waters watching daylight fade to nighttime splendor.

Gathering anxiously in front of the Akumal Dive Shop, the group was preparing for departure. Unbeknownst to us, the crew had already stocked the vessel with coolers teeming with icy cold beverages and snacks for the evening’s adventure at sea. Pampered by the crew, our feet barely touched the water as we were shuttled in the panga from the shoreline to alongside the Kantaris, which was awaiting our boarding. A caring hand was given to each of us as we stepped safely onto the deck.

As if our minds were read, icy cold beverages appeared in our hands, and throughout the course of the night, they never emptied. Settling into our chosen locations, we all prepared for the time to lift anchor and set sail for the open waters. As we quietly motored out of Akumal Bay, our eyes were fixated on the vast expanse of the crystal clear, turquoise Caribbean Sea spread out before us. The boat navigated through the cut in the reef with ease, bringing us into a most impressive parallel view of the waves breaking upon the rocky shoreline in successive curls.

Sailing off Akumal
Safely beyond the break in the reef, the crew cut the engines, hoisted the main sail, and readied the jib. The powerful Caribbean breezes gently filled the sails and swept us northward. Now powered only by the winds that had traveled across this enormous body of water, the boat swayed in rhythm with the waves and swells. Soothing sounds of lapping water now enveloped our ears, while our eyes were mesmerized by the