Science Diver Package at Hotel Akumal Caribe

(Feb. 2014)

The original and first hotel in Akumal, Hotel Akumal Caribe, has created a "Science Diver" Package in conjunction with CEA and the Akumal Dive Center. This allows you to work and vacation at the same time.

There are morning breakfast briefings and evening dinner debriefings. At the end of your stay, you write a paper on the work that you did. Your dives are video recorded and added to a data repository for a documentary and for your personal use. You will be taking photos, mapping, testing SG, pH, nitrites, nitrates, temperatures, plankton, and ammonia. You will be locating and using GPS to map healthy and diseased or dying stands of Acropora. Also, you will have the opportunity to participate in a few lionfish hunts, should you want to.

We have begun to to think of this as an all-inclusive science trip. You have a Lol-Ha meal plan, unlimited "Science" diving, training, a wonderful, beautiful hotel on Akumal Bay, and you become part of the project! We ALREADY have members booking for next year to build on the work we started this year.

We're very excited about the project here!


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