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Sherry Sullivan

Sherry Sullivan

My greatest thrills come from my beautiful family and from stretching the boundaries of travel.

I have hiked the Inca Trail, rafted through the Grand Canyon and hiked out, kayaked in the Sea of Cortez, and climbed the inner chamber of Chichen Itza twice before it was closed. Our next big adventure will be Vietnam and Cambodia, where we will tour Ho Chi Min City, take a river boat cruise up the Mekong River and explore Ankgor Wat.

Akumal is a favorite place and we have owned a condo on Half Moon Bay for almost 10 years. Someday soon, I will spend more of my time there! I am an advertising executive, active in community organizations, and love to cook and garden.

Also about me:

Mother of four well-educated children
Practitioner of the culinary arts
Adventure traveler
Spiritual seeker
Hound of museums
Thrilled by music
Poor writer of poetry
Dabbler in piano
Fairly good singer
Loyal friend and colleague
Devourer of books
Collector of experiences
Student of religions
Fan of theatre
Devoted spouse
In awe of architecture
Enamored of the simplest things
Believer in good

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