Shifting Gears: A Journey of Reinvention
by Mari Pintkowski

Have you ever wondered if a solo adventure could open the doors to self-discovery and guide you to a new way of life? Learn how one man's solo 4,000-mile bicycle journey did just that.

In this book, you will read about:

  • Cycling through the West toward the Pacific
  • Battling the elements using limited resources
  • Midlife romance: from a solo experience to a family affair
  • Stories of the early days in the ski towns of Vail and Aspen
  • Retiring in a foreign country
  • How the past can influence the future
  • The magic of stories

If any of these topics interest you, order a copy of my new book now available on for only $14.73 or $7 on Kindle.

Shifting Gears

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