Private Beaches in the Bioshpere of Sian Ka’an

beach in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere
By Dani Knod

Sian Ka’an - “where the sky is born” in Mayan - is a national reserve in the heart of Quintana Roo’s golden coastline. Bordering the southern edge of the Riviera Maya and the northern edge of the Costa Maya “the biosphere” is the untouched, natural area that separates these two labeled tourist destinations. With only a handful of ultra-ecological houses and hotels, a couple of large lagoons and miles of mangrove forests, Sian Ka’an is also home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

A drive to Tulum to the second stoplight will lead you to a sign reading “Boca Paila” (pronounced “pie – la”). Take a left toward the Tulum beach, and a final right at the “T” will put your in route to your sandy objective. As all of Tulum’s beaches are amazing, if you get sick of driving, stop anywhere along this road and you will surely enjoy. However, if you wish to escape the sight of buildings and take a walk down your own private, secluded beach, keep on truckin’!

beach in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere
Through the park’s arched entrance, the dirt road continues and it is time to look for a turn-off toward the beach. There is a large parking lot with an easy entrance about 5 km or so down the road, but keep in mind that the smaller the turn-off, the less cars can fit down it and the less people on the beach! Do respect private property signs for there are a few residences along the road as well.

Wide as a football field, longer than the eye can see, the powdery white expanses of Sian Ka’an will take your breath away. The sandy bottom and soft sloping entrance into the Caribbean waters fosters the ideal place to frolic in a foot or two of crystal clear water. Photo moments, romantic interludes, sand castle building, beachcombing and everlasting memories are a few of the activities to expect…the choices are yours.

Since this is a spot away from it all, be sure to pack your cooler (ask your hotel if they