Snorkeling Capital of the Riviera Maya: Puerto Morelos

fish on coral reef
By Dani Knod

Snorkeling is a favorite pastime of the Caribbean vacationer, and most coastal towns have reefs right off shore. However, Puerto Morelos has taken the value of their aquatic treasure to another level. Declared a marine park in 1997, the beach area, the 36 kilometers of reef protecting the expansive bay, and areas of deeper ocean now fall under the guidelines of Semernap, the Mexican governmentís environmental conservation organization. The health and vitality of Puerto Morelosís coral and the unimaginable collection of fish and sealife is one of the many reasons to visit this quaint coastal village.

fish on coral reef
Ojo del Agua invites you to experience Puerto Morelos for the day. An hour and a half snorkel trip through La Palapa de Felix will take you to two different snorkeling locations and allow you to experience the wonders of a healthy coral reef. Expect to be surrounded by schools of colorful tropical fish and chance a sighting of a sea turtle or a graceful eagle ray. Friendly guides will be there to answer your questions and keep the experience fun and adventurous.

Return to shore for an afternoon of lazing in the sun, eating lunch, and sipping refreshments on the white sand beach of the hotel Ojo del Aqua. This is a snorkeling spot you just canít miss and a great place to spend the day. See the Puerto Morelos Map for the location of Ojo del Agua and La Palapa de Felix. Mention this ad for a 10% discount off of all tours, hotel, and restaurant tabs.