Spa Móvil Tulum

massage at Spa Movil Tulum
by Liliana Cruz

One day, 2 years ago, a light went off in my head. It was the idea for Spa Móvil Tulum - a result of the experiences of my career as a business manager, including spas in the Riviera Maya, along with the desire to learn the various techniques of massage that can bring enormous benefits to people's health.

With the experience gained over the years as a therapist I had a desire to give a better and more personalized service to Riviera Maya visitors. My idea was to create a company that offers spa services to guests in the comfort of the home, condo or hotel room where they are staying. This helps create an atmosphere of relaxation and wellness through massage. The aim is not only to give a massage, but to give a therapy, using the knowledge of massage techniques, anatomy, traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese, Mayan, acupuncture, herbal and energy movements. That's why we say that we provide a service integral to our customers to our customers personal needs.

Thus was born Spa Móvil Tulum, 100% Mexican company with highly skilled therapists. We invite you to meet us and try our therapies, below I describe some of them, for more information visit

Mayan Bath
It is a therapy that combines the body, mind and spirit in which we ask you to allow us to pamper you. Starting with a mind blank, relaxing with wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea, the soft breeze and the scent of flowers, essences and herbs. You sit on a wooden bench facing the sea, while receiving a delicate body exfoliation with sea crystals, papaya and verbena and eucalyptus.

After the peeling, a wooden tub awaits, full of warm water and yellow, red, purple and white flowers, representing the four lower bodies - the four cardinal points. Along with the flowers, healing herbs are placed in the bathtub. Once immersed in warm water, the healing begins from the sounds of the sea and the waves of air, sun and the jungle. While relaxing your therapist guides you through a deep meditation.

After bathing, the therapist will have you to take the flowers and herbs in the bathtub and deposit them into the sea. The powerful energy of the Maya beliefs allow us to transform ourselves: openness of heart, understanding, compassion, harmony and unconditional love. Healing with forgiveness brings us to another level of consciousness. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Temascal ceremony at Spa Movil Tulum
The temascal is an ancient pre-Hispanic tradition. This is a round stone structure as the womb of Mother Earth, within which runs a steam bath and purifying treatment. Inside you can create a circular space sealed from the outside. At the center of the hall there is a hole into which will be deposited the glowing volcanic rocks, heated in flames outside the ceremonial temascal.

Temascal is guided by an expert,called "tamascalero," who directs you through the ritual of meditation, reflexion, songs and sounds of musical instruments. Once the group meeting begins - the opening ceremony of the temascal - around an altar adorned with flowers, offerings, and the essence of smoking copal resin, the temascalero asks permission to the four cardinal points, and the spirit of the Great, Mother Earth, Pachamama enters the Temascal.

The red-hot stones are then placed in the center of temascal. Everything is closed and herbal tea is poured over the stones, creating an intense herbal steam cloud. Singing, chanting and meditation allow you to be one with yourself, your thoughts, emotions and memories. The heat begins to remove toxins from your body, releasing stress, tension and emotional blocakges. Finally you surrender to the heat and heal body, mind, spirit and heart. When you leave the temascal you plunge into the refreshing sea or in the cenote. The ceremony then ends by giving thanks to the four cardinal points, and the spirit of the Great, Mother Earth, followed by an herbal tea and a plate of delicious fresh fruits.

massage at Spa Movil Tulum

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