Spa & Massage

Vacation is a time to treat yourself to the finer things in life, and the Riviera Maya is home to hundreds of quality spas with highly trained therapists ready to offer you a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, energy work, and more.

Think Organik Puerto Aventuras Ahhh! Think Organik

A day spa in Puerta Aventuras

Margo in Mexico An Alternative Way to Start Your Evening in Tulum

Mari Pintkowski meets Margo in Mexico for a feel-good workshop in the Riviera Maya

24_massage-thumb.jpg Appreciating the Art of Massage

Vacationing is a time to pamper yourself beyond your wildest dreams.

Moe Feb 09 Beach Clubs of Tulum, February 2009

By Mari Pintkowski

Beach Clubs of Tulķm 2011

Mari Pintkowski

v29_budha_gard_thumb.jpg Budha Gardens Day Spa in Akumal

A day spa tucked away in a coconut grove on Akumalís most tranquil stretch of shoreline.

Peaceful Retreats Global Wellness Travel Company, Peaceful Retreats, Has Deep Roots in Tulum
(September 2011)

The people who live and visit Tulum share a commitment to protecting the planet - by Carol Brunelli

ev_2_med_to_go_t.jpg In the Midst of a Spa Boom, How to Choose Wisely

Learn about the treatments offered and how to trust those offering them.

v28_alma_secret_local_thumb.jpg Secrets to Being a Local

Secrets weíve discovered since moving to Puerto Morelos that have made our lives easier and certainly more enjoyable.

Spa Můvil Tulum

By Liliana Cruz

ev_1_jeanine_spa_t.jpg The Lap of Luxury

Top Spa Resorts of the Riviera Maya

mari april 08 The Secret is Clay

April 2008 by Mari Pintkowski

think organik pedi Think Organik Boutique and Spa Fabulous Pedicures

Puerto Aventuras spa offers a unique twist.

Turtle Baths, Silky Clay, and Sister Friendships

By Mari Pintkowski - December 2009

Cabanas Tulum

Casa Carolina Xcalak