by Natalie Novak (May 2012)

We think of sponges as bathtime accessories and cleaning tools. People often seem to forget that the chemically created artificial sponges we use to wash dishes are replicas of underwater filter feeders that grow on rocks in the ocean.

Underwater sponges look quite solid, but they are really very delicate. After we have big waves and hurricanes, sponges often wash up onshore. In shallow water we find mostly small, colourful sponges. (Yes, I am Canadian and we spell colour with a "u." We're funny that way, eh?)

One of the advantages of diving to 70 or 80 feet is that the sponges at that depth can get as big as I am, and form some amazing shapes. The pictures here are of some of my favorite sponges.

If you want to see them underwater, check out Dive with Natalie & Ivan, and remember to book us online, because we spend our time underwater!