Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUPs) has hit Tulum!!! This popular sport is spreading across the world as more and more people are getting out cruising and surfing with their SUPs! The sport started as a way for surfing instructors to manage groups and by standing on their longboards they had better visibility of the incoming swells. Now we can use their innovation to have a new perspective in touring the coast here in Tulum. There are large 14 foot boards that are stable enough in calm waters for two people, even a little cooler, or fishing gear. There are also shorter boards with more maneuverability to tackle waves. Typically, surfers have used paddleboards to catch smaller waves which means conditions are perfect in Tulum for SUPs.

You can spend the day paddling along the coast and enjoy a unique perspective as you can see the reef below when you are standing! Itís a great way to see the coastline and the best part is it has no environmental impact!. Unlike motorized activities that pollute our precious reefs and ocean, with paddleboarding you know you are able to enjoy the beauty of the ocean while respecting it. Another awesome benefit is that you get a great core workout and increase your balance. As you relax and take in the scenery you are also working out. What a great combo.

Take advantage of this awesome sport while the ocean is calm and when the waves pick up you will be ready! There will be two Paddleboarding demonstrations in Akumal as part of the Women In Wellness Retreat. The first will Saturday October 24th and again October 28th both at 3:30 - 4:30 in front of LolHa. They are free, contact Heather or Lydia to sign up space is limited.  To learn more visit their website.