Stand Up Paddleboarding

by Heather Froeming (June 2013)

paddleboarding in the mangroves

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has become a popular sport spreading across the world with more and more people out cruising and surfing with their SUPs! The sport started as a way for surfing instructors to manage groups. By standing on their longboards, they had better visibility of the incoming swells. Now we can use their innovation to have a new perspective in touring around Tulum. You can spend the day paddling along the coast or in the lagoons and enjoy a unique perspective as you can see the reef and fish below when you are standing up! If you are a bit more adventurous and want to try your hand at surfing, then the small waves in Tulum are perfect for learning. The paddles will help you catch the waves and then it is just a matter of staying on the board and enjoying the ride. This is a great way to enjoy the ocean and get a core body workout. If you just want to see the beautiful scenery of Tulum's coastline, then try a downstream paddleboarding trip.

If you are more into the mellow cruising experience, you can take a tour of the beautiful flat-water conditions and mangroves at Casa Cenote. As you paddle Zen-like on the calm waters, you will view an amazing population of birds such as Great Blue Herons, egrets, night herons, hawks and ospreys. You will get a nice view of the mangrove ecosystem which is why we have such beautiful reefs along the Riviera Maya. The mangroves are what protect the coastline, filtering the water feeding to the ocean and creating a perfect nursery environment for reef fish. It is a truly beautiful way to experience and learn about the natural scenery.

The latest craze is combining Yoga and paddleboarding. Enjoy an amazing yoga session while floating on the water and meditating in the peacefulness of a quiet lagoon. This perfect combination of activities will help you improve your balance and challenge your yoga skills. And donít forget, you also get a great core workout as you relax and take in the scenery. What a great combo!

The best part about paddleboarding is that it is environmentally friendly! Unlike motorized activities that pollute our precious reefs and ocean, with paddleboarding you know you are able to enjoy the beauty of nature while respecting it. You leave behind just the ripple of your paddle, so get out on the water and enjoy!

For more information or to take paddleboard coarses, visit the Extreme Control website.

Paddleboarding in the Mangroves