Steve Dramstad

Xcalak Steve

Steven Dramstad, aka "Xcalak Steve," is a Dive Instructor/guide/photographer living in Xcalak, Mexico.

Currently Steve is working for Costa de Cocos Resort in Xcalak.

Steve has been a diver for over 20 years and has been taking underwater photos since 1992.

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Underseascape Manatees - Steve Dramstad AKA XcalakSteve December 2009
Underseascapes - Coral Reefs of Mexico, November 2009 - by Steve Dramstad, AKA Xcalaksteve
Underseascapes - Tropical Fish - Steven Dramsted January 2010
Underseascapes The Turtles - The Turtles of Akumal Bay
UnderSeaScapes Cleaning Station - March 2010 Steve Dramstad aka Xcalak Steve
UnderSeaScapes Octopus - February 2010