Tierra De Animales' Ricardo and Chino Reach Out to Local Schools

(March 2013)

We wrote recently about our visit to Tierra De Animales just outside of Cancun. It is a wonderful sanctuary run by Ricardo Pimentel Cordero and it is certainly a full-time job. However, Ricardo doesn't stop here; he also has an educational program designed to reach out to young people.

Ricardo and his trusty sidekick, Chino, visit local schools and talk face-to-face-to-snout with the young people. I asked Ricardo what do they share with these children?, and he explained, "Basically what we do is go to schools and talk to the children about the love and respect that animals deserve." He explained that they talk about the overpopulation of animals and how that leads to abandonment and cruelty to dogs and cats. They describe ways in which the children themselves can help the problem by being responsible, loving and caring owners, and how to treat animals with respect. He also explains the need for spaying and neutering their pets.

Ricardo teaches the students about what they can do if they see a dog or cat abandoned or hurt, who they can call, and how to help.

Ricardo recounted that he brings environmental issues into his presentations and said, "We also talk about the terrible conditions in the meat industry. We share our point of view on circuses, zoos and bullfighting so the young people can decide what they want to do with the information. We even discuss the damage that garbage adds to the environment." It is amazing how diverse these talks are and how receptive the young people are.

Ricardo continued, "And of course Chino, my dog, is a very important part of the visit, because I share his story with the children. He was a dog that was used in dogfights. He was forced into a life but now, with love and affection, he has become a very social and loving pet. I also share my personal life's story about how since I was a little boy I had a dream to help as many animals as I could. I explain how I made it happen, with the intention of inspiring children, to encourage them to follow their dreams and to make something positive for the world. I tell them to not be only spectators in this life but become active in helping find solutions for the many problems that exist in our society."

We thank Ricardo and Chino for their time, energy and positve influence! To see photos of some of the school visits, click here.

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Chino and kids

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