Teamwork in Real Estate

by Enrique (Henry) Saldana


So how is TEAMWORK reflected in a CMA Report (Comparable Market Analysis Report)?—
through an MLS System.

An MLS (Multiple Listing Service) System provides the essence of TEAMWORK from a local realtor group, for through an MLS System, realtors, as well as developers, bank appraisers, notaries and other real estate industry-related professionals and participants, by providing relevant and important data that gets input into the system, may help others to determine the Market Value of a HOME in a particular area.

And now you may request a CMA from your Riviera Maya Realtors. YES, now there is a real MLS (Multiple Listing Service) System just like in the ones you have seen in the USA and Canada, which you may request your realtor to use to show you property for sale in the area. You may even access most of the active listings in the area for yourself.

These listings may be found at

What's more, for a limited time, you may access this listing info through your phone.

All you need is a PHONE WITH INTERNET ACCESS.  Each model of cell phone has multiple versions of browsers available.

NO INSTALLATION, NO DOWNLOAD, simply add as a book mark to your browser. No www or .com, and don’t search for it. Enter directly into the address line (remove the http://), and there you are looking at Property Listing Info through your phone.

All Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, Androids, Palms, Windows Mobile 7, and Samsungs are known to work on the Web site.
You will be requested to use an Agent ID and Password to sign in. Neither Agent ID nor password are case sensitive.
Here are your access codes:

Password: DEMO

*As of right now, we are allowing listing info from listings Numbered (MLS #s) 109 thru 182 for PHONE INTERNET VIEWING.

This service is provided to you through the great TEAMWORK effort of local realtors and developers in the area. You may see all of the active participants on the MLS Members page. Here you will also find their Web pages at one Web page location. No need to flip over different Web pages searching for property in the area.

So Teamwork does work. It does help people and organizations provide better service and accomplish greater deeds. Yeah, Teamwork helps people reach greater heights and obtain greater rewards and nowhere can this be seen more reflected than in sports, for great TEAMWORK does help a football team win a Super Bowl—Go Packers!!!

This article is courtesy of Enrique (Henry) Saldana, Mexico Realty Solutions.
Feel free to contact us at:,; Tel. 984-147-0100 Cell: 984-111-8743; Skype: Henrys1955. And check the new Mexico MLS Network system:

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