Telesecundaria Students Benefit from
Interview Workshop

by Leticia Córdova  (Feb. 2012)

Laura Bush, owner of the Lol-Ha Restaurant in Akumal, gave an Interview Workshop to the 3rd grade group (8th grade in USA) of the Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos.

Several of the kids won't be able to continue their studies beyond this grade because they will have to work, so this workshop helps them prepare for what an employer really looks at when he or she is interviewing to hire someone.

It turned out great because Laura invited one of her employees and they represented different situations and scenarios, so that the kids could enjoy and learn at the same time.

The supervisor for Telesecundarias from the area, Alfonso Conrado, was there, and he thanked Laura very much for her enthusiasm and creativity in supporting the Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos and the community in general.

Here's a picture from the workshop: