The Virtues of Tequila

By David Nuñez

tequila bottle
Over three generations ago, Indalecio Nuñez, founder of Tequila El Viejito, a small family owned distillery in the highlands of the state of Jalisco, had this to say about tequila:

Many claim that the curative virtues of tequila are those common and characteristic tonic properties of all alcoholic beverages consumed in moderation. Others attribute special qualities to this beverage. The truth is that is a spirit privileged in nature. Without being an irritant, it does in fact posses a few most notable medicinal properties.

Its flavor is pleasant and when imbibed in small dosages, it stimulates the appetite, favors digestion and tones the digestive functions. It has beneficial effects over ailments in which atony plays a major role. Over some dyspepsias its power is quite surprising.

It causes minor wounds to heal quickly and effectively when washed and dressed with it.

It eases pain and prevents the inflammation following sprains when applied in fomentations.

It invigorates those functions of the organism debilitated by age.

It satiates the thirst brought on by overheating…and notably attenuates the effects caused by low ambient temperature.

It mitigates the unpleasant sensation of hunger for many hours…and restores strength depleted by hard work.

It enlivens the intelligence, dispels boredom, and provides agreeable illusions.

But be forewarned that only when using this liquor with due moderation and opportunity, are its effects healthy, hygienic and moral, as just mentioned. Otherwise, it causes drunkenness, with all the physical and immoral consequences of chronic or acute alcoholism, with such lamentable consequences for the individual, the family and society.

It is no surprise then that the Agave plant, from which tequila is distilled, takes its name from the Latin Agavus, meaning admirable.

Decades later, we can add one more item to this remarkable list of attributes. For now, Don Indalecio’s beverage of choice can also help protect the en