Whale Sharks Are Returning to Cancún

(April 2013)

The annual migration of the ocean's largest fish, the whale shark (Tiburón ballena), commences in mid-May and continues until September. They are drawn to the waters off Cancún, a popular tourist destination for travelers from around the world, by the summer "buffet" of plankton and other microscopic sealife.

Whale sharks reach 30' or more, and tourists can actually snorkel alongside these harmless gentle giants. The whale sharks are an endangered species and are highly protected in Mexican waters. Strict rules of engagement apply as Specially Licensed tour providers take tourists out for a "never to be forgotten" experience in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean waters.

It's a family adventure, as kids as young as 5 can swim with these amazing creatures. The oldest to date was an 85-year-old grandmother who "kicked" with the best of them. A lot more information can be found at cancunwhalesharktours.com & holboxwhalesharktours.com.

If you're coming to Cancún this summer, "You just GOTTA DO IT!"

Submitted by Roddrigo Sidney
The Whale Shark Daddy


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