The Whale Sharks have returned!

whaleshark off Holbox, Mexico
The summer months of June, July, and August mark the time for the return of the giant whale shark to the waters north of the Yucatan Peninsula. And, a summer excursion to the Island of Holbox has been a rapidly growing desire for many aquatic life aficionados. Holbox WhaleShark Tours invites you to "Safely" Swim up-close with these amazing harmless creatures.

What is a whale shark? To begin with, it is the world’s largest living fish. Known to have reached lengths of 46 feet (14m), the aquatic giant has alternating bands of thin white vertical bars and columns of white spots on a dark, blackish gray background, with a white belly. The head of the whale shark is flattened in appearance and has a narrow mouth that extends across the full width and small eyes that are forward facing. Equal to the propulsion methods of other sharks,
whaleshark up close
the extremely powerful caudal fin moves from side to side propelling the whale shark through the water in a seemingly effortless manner. There are two dorsal fins, one small one near the tail, and the “tell-tale” large shark fin that is found the middle of the body, slightly toward the rear.

The appearance of the whale shark can be quite intimidating, considering it spends most of its time swimming with its dorsal fin cutting through the surface of the water while feeding; however, the whale shark is nothing to fear. These enormous animals feed on tiny plankton, small fish such as sardines and anchovies, and some slightly larger fish like mackerel by simply opening their wide mouths whilst swimming along the surface of the water. They pose absolutely no threat to humans or any larger sea animal.

whaleshark off Holbox, Mexico
Many a snorkeler or diver has labeled the whale shark as a gentle, curious creature, and now you can experience them for yourself! WHALESHARK TOURS are every day during