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Thelma Grumbein

Thelma Grumbein

Ted and Thelma Grumbein Life-long residents of Drumore, Pennsylvania first discovered the magic of Mexico many years ago as they celebrated their first anniversary in Cancun, in December 1992. The culture, the people, the beaches—it was a place that immediately touched their hearts. Over the years they have returned at least a dozen times, staying in resorts of Cancún and journeying farther south to the Mayan Rivieria.

Week-long vacations at crowded resorts began to lose their charm and morphed into longer visits. They began trading the night life for the homey/quiet comfort of private villas, hoping to escape the touristy spots, explore "real life" and live like locals.

They both share a love of travel and spent many years traveling all over the Caribbean, but continued to feel a special connection to the place that stole their hearts so many years ago.