Think Organik Boutique and Spa Fabulous Pedicures

by Lydia Linton Pontius  (August 2012)

OK, this trip my visit to Think Organik was going to be totally business. I was just stopping by to confirm the spa day I had planned for the group that was arriving in a few days. As fate would have it—and often it does in Mexico—I found myself with a little extra time on my hands. I looked down at my toes and realized that before I greeted my group, I really needed to get a pedicure.

Now I am not one who gets pedicures often because, quite frankly, I don't enjoy them!! That is, I didn't until I had the MOST AMAZING pedicure at Think Organik. Everything I don't like about pedis was eliminated! I was taken back to the spa and, much to my delight, there was no chair of torture, as I like to call them. You know, the ones that you have to step up into, usually crowded among many on a wall. They are electrical and your feet are then placed in water. That alone makes me very uncomfortable and then they add what is supposed to be relaxing settings, but instead it is a hard bar rolling against your spine and/or a vibrator that shakes your intestines and makes you talk funny, but none of those are at Think Organik.  Instead I walked into a dark, quiet room and was allowed to stretched out on the massage table, my eyes were covered, a hint of aroma therapy to set the mood and as I sighed a deep sigh of relief I found I quickly became total relaxation.  I received the most amazing cleansing, massage, and ultimately the pedicure! Warm water was gently poured over my feet.  The rest is a bit of a blurr because I started to drift away.  When it was over I was gently brought back to total awareness with another hint of aroma therapy, I was relaxed and in heaven!

If you have not experienced this type of pedicure before you don't know what you are missing!!! If you are like me and hate the whole awkwardness of the mechanical torturous chairs, the noise and chatter and the sitting there watching