Tips On Using Cell Phones in Mexico

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Costa Maya Update
October 15,  2012

Good Day from Costa Maya, 


It's hard to believe the change of season that is already here.  This is the time of year when more people visit Costa Maya and Tulum than any other. 
I often get asked by visiting clients how to dial phones here. Here are some tips that you may find helpful on your next visit. 
From a Telmex land line to a cell number in same service area: 

044 + local number including area code.


Telmex land line to a cell phone long distance within Mexico: 

045 + area code + local number.


Mexican cell phone to local land line: 

local number only 


Mexican cell phone to land line elsewhere in Mexico: 

area code + local number


Mexican cell phone to cell phone, same service area: 

area code + local number


Mexican cell phone to cell phone, long distance Mexico

area code + local number 


To dial a Mexican cell phone from outside the country: dial 011 (access code), 52 (country code), and then a "1" before the area code and local number. 


To call the U.S. or Canada (from a cell or land line)

dial 001 + area code + local number

To call other countries, dial 00 + country code + area code + local number


Important Suggestions

  • The person who makes the call always is the one charged for the call. If you take a call on your cell phone from a person calling long-distance within Mexico, or even from outside the country, there is no charge to you IF YOU ARE WITHIN YOUR OWN SERVICE AREA. Outside your own service area, roaming charges apply.
  • After you use your TelMex cell for one year, go to a service counter (or call customer service on your cell phone) and ask to have the cost per minute reduced. You have to request this service, which will cut the cost per minute by about two-thirds, making it well worth the effort.
  • I've had clients who purchased calling cards on the drive down through Mexico and find out that they are worthless here.  Mexico is divided into nine service regions. If you purchase cell phone minutes in one service area you must upload them in the same service area. Once you leave the service area where the air time was purchased, you cannot upload them.  
  • For those of you that purchase a cell phone here and have a pay as you go (Amigo plan) if you don't use your cell for two months, your minutes disappear.
  • If you have lost your minutes after not using the phone for two months, but purchase more minutes before four months from your last phone call, you recoup your lost minutes.
  • If you don't use your cell phone for four months, you lose your minutes permanently.
  • If you don't use your phone for six months, you lose your minutes AND your telephone number becomes inactive. You must buy a new SIM card and reregister your phone. So even if you keep your phone for emergencies only, make a call or send a text once in a while to keep the phone active.
  • It's much less expensive to send a text message to your local friends then to call them on their cell or home phone 

Here are Some Emergency and Useful Phone Numbers

066 or 061 (varies from place to place): Emergencies, police

065: Red Cross

078: Green Angels or tourist information

Charges may apply when you call these numbers.

020: Mexican operator

040: Information

090: International operator

Kevin Graham
Costa Maya Living - Tulum Life
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