Top 7 Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen

Reposted from Playa Life! (Oct. 2013)

Looking to find a spot with cozy loungers, refreshing tropical cocktails, swaying palm trees, ocean views and a flavorful ceviche all in one place? The calm, teal-toned waters of Playa del Carmen's beach clubs set the stage for an incredible vacation getaway or a memorable weekend. All along the city's coastline, you'll find numerous beach clubs ranging from trendy and chic to upscale luxury, each with its own restaurant and bar. Here are a few of our favorites:

Canibal Royal Playa del Carmen Beach Club

Canibal Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Set in northern Playa on Calle 48, this popular spot is probably the most recommended in town. You'll discover beach beds, hammocks, tropical style, a second-story restaurant, a rooftop deck and incredible views of the Caribbean Sea.

Mamitas Beach Club

Mamita's Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Mamita's has to be Playa del Carmen's most renowned beach club, earning its fame with incredible events like live DJs, concerts, the annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, the BPM Festival and more. Here, you can find an upscale restaurant, a pool area and a bar in a fashionable atmosphere. Centrally located at Calle 28.

Kool Beach Club

Kool Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Set right next to Mamita's, Kool Beach Club has a stylish vibe with a pool area, a palapa bar and a beautiful restaurant area. The food here is pretty great, although maybe a little overpriced. This venue often hosts live DJs, concerts and fun beach parties.

Blue Parrot Beach Club

Blue Parrot Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Blue Parrot has mostly earned its reputation as the city's most famous nightclub, but while the sun is out it features a relaxing beach club with plenty of amenities. Enjoy DJs, loungers, and a full restaurant and bar in the heart of town at Calle 12.

Coco Maya Beach Club

Coco Maya Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Also known for its amazing nightlife, Coco Maya also has daytime beach club service. Guests can indulge in a juice bar and a restaurant serving Mediterranean, Peruvian and Mexican cuisine.

Wah Wah Beach Bar

Wah Wah Beach Club Playa del Carmen

The fun-loving Wah Wah is a favorite among Playa del Carmen expats. Set under an immense palapa on Calle 2, they often have live music on their indoor stage. You can choose from all kinds of casual meals along with some great drinks from the bar.

Indigo Beach Club

Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen

This luxurious beach club is located on Calle 14, featuring a luxe ambiance along with amenities like yoga, tai chi and live DJs on weekends. The restaurant serves mouthwatering Asian and Mexican fusion cuisine in a sleek and stylish ambiance.


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