Toys For Joys January 6, 2009 - Photos

Each year toys are collected at the Real Estate Office, CEA and TSA and on January 6th, Dia de los Reyes, they are taken to a small villages in the area. Special thanks to the Toy Drive Team, Ingrid, Malu, Jorge, Jaime and Gina. 

In 2005 Jorge my husband, Jaime Medina, and I bought some toys and distributed in the way to  Coba .

Then we decided to do the same every year.


Thinking the way to obtain more smiles,  in 2006 I requested to the owners of the houses I manage to cooperate, since then  each one  donated  $100 usd, as well as Salvador Company, , Marcy and Memo Essy , Margarita Herrera, Jorge and Elizabeth Calles, Co Van Oeveran and  Malu who since then is the photographer.


2007 is when  Ingrid Datica become a member of the ATD staff.


 In  December 2007, Locogringo,& Akumal Villas, contributed $500 each s0 their donation  and all others did possible for us to bought more toys .


Throughout 2007 some of  the guests they brought toys others bought it here , this past January we had MANY MORE¡ around 800 toys¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


This past January 2008 we went to the Zona Maya that is in the way to Carrillo Puerto..



Here are some fabulous pictures.

toys for joys 2008 Muyil

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